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Education isn’t a Happy Meal Drive Thru!

Though I still maintain some element of autonomy in my classroom, I dread the day when that will no longer be the case, when we hand out education at a college level as if we’re delivering fast food “happy meals” … Continue reading

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Intaliqi: Running this Sunday!

And here’s the Q&A that I had with the organizers: Q-Why are you running the marathon to support Intaliqi and what does it mean to you? A. I participated in the Beirut Marathon, and having an event dedicated solely to … Continue reading

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The Art of Public Speaking: One Essential Ingredient

I’ve taught so many public speaking courses, worked with numerous speakers and speech-writers, and I don’t know why this has only fully dawned on me today.  Regardless of the amount of work you put into your speech, there is only … Continue reading

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A story of a magic carpet.

Right from the beginning…when my brothers and sisters were only beginning to take shape, when our contours were being mapped out and our sizes redesigned, I knew i was destined for greatness.  While most of my siblings could only dream … Continue reading

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