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Why I refuse to click the “share” button…

People who know me and accuse me of flooding their facebook newsfeed will chuckle at this title, but it’s true. I don’t share everything (believe it or not!). I’m actually quite selective. I’ve been online for more years than I’d … Continue reading

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Why I don’t need friends in 2013.

Friends, friends, and even more friends…we all have them! But what is the highest form of friendship in Reine’s honest opinion? That which comes with a mission! For 2013, all I need is to have many more accomplices! An accomplice … Continue reading

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A time for giving…

We recently attended a workshop on time matters given by Youssef Khoury, and if I were to comment on one major point it would be time ‘wasted’ vs. time ‘spent’. What determines the difference? Is playing a video game with … Continue reading

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“Pay it Forward”

Originally posted on Mind Your Humanity:
    What we know as basic human needs come first in the form of food and shelter. Many of us believe in a certain hierarchy in that way. With security at the lower…

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The Geology of our Campus [A Poetic Activity]

In my literature class today, we read the “Geology of the I” by the Lebanese poet/writer/journalist/activist/educator Joumana Haddad. It was fascinating to see how students interacted with the work. Many of them loved Haddad’s ability to simply walk us through … Continue reading

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A fly on the wall…

Screaming. shouting. frail nerves. comments flying through the air. 15 individuals each making their point of view extremely clear. sometimes too clear. but it’s beautiful. Sometimes I wish I could just be an observer, simply to take an objective look … Continue reading

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