A story of a magic carpet.

Right from the beginning…when my brothers and sisters were only beginning to take shape, when our contours were being mapped out and our sizes redesigned, I knew i was destined for greatness. 

While most of my siblings could only dream of inhabiting confined spaces, and, at best, living in a happy home, I knew I had a different story to tell. Something within me was always aware that my life would be magical. 
It could have been my fabulous red color, but no, it was much more than that. There was something within every fiber of my being that cried out for fame! 
And I got it. 
In 2011, some strangers came in, browsed around the entire place, and their eyes lit up when they saw me. I heard a woman say: that’s it! she’s perfect! I didn’t know that I would develop very special bonds with that incredible woman. 
And everything after that became a whirlwind of emotions. I have seen huge halls, with hundreds of excited people rushing to their seats. They all wanted something, and I was at the very center. I have seen fabulous stages, but always, I’m at the center. 
Though I knew I must have been important, it wasn’t altogether clear in my red’s eye, until I heard the first TEDx Talk! Wow! I was flattened! And for a carpet to claim she was “flattened” is an amazing feat! 
Those people who needed my presence, who were told to constantly remain within my boundaries were telling amazing tales of inspiration, creativity, and beyond. If only my family could see me now. 
Sadly, though, my life in the spotlight had to end sometimes. I witnessed incredible days at TEDxBeirut, but the show came to a close after the day was over, and I had to wait for the next annual event… but I always wanted more. More talks. More ideas. More showbiz! 
But the problem with my line of work is that it’s quite inconsistent. The days of light were met with many in complete darkness. 
Now, yes, I’m an attention seeker (ok…an attention whore), but come on! Who amongst you wouldn’t want that sort of greatness? 
Life had its ups and downs…literally. I’d be taken up from storage, placed in some extremely weird moving contraptions (I can tell you about one story of coming on a bus from Tripoli to Beirut, but let’s save that for another post!!!). 
Yet, despite it all, my worth was constantly acknowledged. From TEDxBeirut, to TEDxAzmiStreet, to TEDxLAU, organizers kept asking for me! Kept desiring my presence in the middle, the very center, on every stage. And my proud owners at TEDxBeirut were only glad to offer their support, and share me with the world. 
This is my story. A story of flight. of magic. of love. 
The story of TEDx in Lebanon. 

About Reine Azzi

An instructor who teaches so many different courses at university! Best way to remain passionately challenged! I'm also the licensee, curator, and host of TEDxLAU which adds so much excitement to my life!
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12 Responses to A story of a magic carpet.

  1. wildlydone says:

    Love the language, but especially love the angle from bottom up!

  2. Love this! It truly is a magic carpet.

  3. Patsy Z says:

    love it Reine! :)) Thanks for writing this 🙂

    • Reine Azzi says:

      you’re more than welcome! meeting people like you and Lynn renew my faith that we can work together, even if we might be walking completely different paths.

  4. Shoug Al-Nafisi says:

    I heart Red! Yes, I’m naming her Red!
    Lovely lovely Reine, what an enjoyable read!

  5. Roula says:

    Wawww Awesome Reine as usual… Keep walking lovely lady…

  6. Sara MaCha says:

    Reine this is so creative!! now I’m in love with the carpet 😀 I want to hear more stories from it!!!

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