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All we need is a community!

The title is reminiscent of the beautiful TEDxBeirut event organized last year, but as our dear Patsy so generously states, size doesn’t matter. And this blog is in honor of the incredible evenings spent at TEDxSKE.  On March 19, 2009, … Continue reading

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A special Thursday

Originally posted on Mind Your Humanity:
This Mother’s Day, don’t worry about buying a card. We have something even more special! Attach this to your gift or simply hand it to her on its own. Knowing you care is all…

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Sharing is Creative

Forget the old adage: sharing is caring. That is so misleading and makes you sound like a bleeding heart whose sole purpose is to give, give, and then give some more. The past two weeks have all been about putting … Continue reading

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Driving in Lebanon as poetic justice

I’m writing this because the words need to come out somehow. ‘You silly driver. You annoyed the cars in all the lanes around you. From Sassine to Sodeco, all you did was creep from lane to lane. Honking with your … Continue reading

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TEDActive: Before and After

I’m a TEDAddict. Unashamed. Shout till I drop. Addict. It started with the first TEDTalk I ever watched which assured me that my need to radically review my stance on education is a necessity, not just for me personally, but … Continue reading

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Embrace the Limitations

I had this idea the minute we ended our last main event in September. And sent this off to the TEDx blog. I also applied to give a TEDYou talk on the subject, but there wasn’t enough room. But it … Continue reading

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