Sharing is Creative

Forget the old adage: sharing is caring.

That is so misleading and makes you sound like a bleeding heart whose sole purpose is to give, give, and then give some more.

The past two weeks have all been about putting sharing to good use.

Picasso is credited as saying: Good artists copy, greaartists steal. 

This has been discussed in the TED Talk, Everything is Remix, where it is clear that innovations like the iPhone wouldn’t have been available to us in 2007 if Apple hadn’t creatively built upon available innovations by Xerox and other developers. Had Xerox kept everything for themselves, Apple would have had a long way to go to bypass copyright. It was Steve Jobs who repeated Picasso’s saying to justify freely taking a sampling out of previous creative content. Ironically, the same didn’t apply when Samsung built upon Apple products. [Watch the talk. truly eye-opening].

This same principle of open and free sharing was exemplified by Amanda Palmer two weeks ago at TEDActive. What she did was promote her music and make it openly accessible and FREE. In return, she can count on her fan base to give her even more than she asks for. How many other artists can say the same as they scramble to lock up their output and throw away the key? Watch The Art of Asking for more on this.

What about the concept of TED itself? Taking all these brilliant ideas and sharing them with the world at large! And this has resulted in so much creativity. TEDx events are being developed all over the world, allowing so many communities to build upon a platform readily provided by TED. And creativity is unleashed! The same happened at TEDActive, which I had the honor of attending, where open discussion and sharing were the highlights of the week!

I had the pleasure of being part of a session on Creative Commons today. And it truly was exciting. The potential to release our own output and share it with the world, in the hope that this open platform will create more collaboration, and less competition, is a resource without bounds.

One of the ideas discussed was on whether the Arab world can rise to the occasion. We have so much culture and creativity, but it’s mostly stored away, deep down in a dungeon somewhere, gathering dust. It makes me think of all the dissertations we had published as undergraduates, with the paper rotting somewhere, illegible after a little while… provided someone bothers to read it at all.

I’d like to mention that this is the first post I share under a creative license myself. My blog will now be under Creative Commons, and even if it’s just a place to share my own personal musings, at least I can feel that I’ve contributed…even in a tiny way.




About Reine Azzi

An instructor who teaches so many different courses at university! Best way to remain passionately challenged! I'm also the licensee, curator, and host of TEDxLAU which adds so much excitement to my life!
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5 Responses to Sharing is Creative

  1. vivian tawk says:

    love your ideas young lady, I’m impressed… but not surprised!

  2. I salute this move! As an Open source Software Contributor myself, it is fantastic to see non techy embrase the ‘sharing is caring’ belief 🙂

    Cheers! And know that you’re not on your own in this community! 🙂

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