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On My Mental Health

I have always kept my hair straight, though it’s naturally curly. I don’t know how to sketch, but I’ve perfected the art of drawing lines. I’m an onion with layers, but someone told me the best part lies at the … Continue reading

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All we need is a community!

The title is reminiscent of the beautiful TEDxBeirut event organized last year, but as our dear Patsy so generously states, size doesn’t matter. And this blog is in honor of the incredible evenings spent at TEDxSKE.  On March 19, 2009, … Continue reading

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TEDActive: Before and After

I’m a TEDAddict. Unashamed. Shout till I drop. Addict. It started with the first TEDTalk I ever watched which assured me that my need to radically review my stance on education is a necessity, not just for me personally, but … Continue reading

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Embrace the Limitations

I had this idea the minute we ended our last main event in September. And sent this off to the TEDx blog. I also applied to give a TEDYou talk on the subject, but there wasn’t enough room. But it … Continue reading

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The TED Spring

63 countries: hundreds of TEDx organizers from around the world.  It’s one thing to listen to talks and be inspired by different ideas; It’s quite another to be deeply engrossed in “open source” as I have never known it.  We … Continue reading

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A fly on the wall…

Screaming. shouting. frail nerves. comments flying through the air. 15 individuals each making their point of view extremely clear. sometimes too clear. but it’s beautiful. Sometimes I wish I could just be an observer, simply to take an objective look … Continue reading

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All we need is Gratitude…and an exceptional TEAM!

Today was the second annual TEDxBeirut full day event, and honestly? I expected inspiration. I knew the organizers. Knew their potential. And knew that they would do their utmost to make sure the ideas on stage were worth sharing. They … Continue reading

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Initial Inspiration – Why Blog?

As a self-proclaimed TED Addict, I’ve been reading TEDBooks for a while, and today I came across an incredibly relevant one, Why School by Will Richardson. The author hit the nail on the head when talking about our form of … Continue reading

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