A skill every teacher should have!

Should every teacher have a degree? Well… in this day and age, you’d hope! But does that fashion out a great educator? Of course not! 

I have the degree. I have the emotional intelligence (or so I hope). I’m a communicator. 

But what is my ultimate skill as a teacher? 

…I’m curious enough to discover greatness. 

So many students pass through my classes…some who have learned the rules well, and know how to play the grades game… others who need help along the way. who need someone to clear the path with them…and it is these others… these incredible finds that keep me thrilled! These students who want something, but find it so elusive! It is here that I see potential. 

Some might critique me as being too naive, as constantly finding something to admire, but it’s true! I see people as pieces of a puzzle, with every person having a little bit to add, some more than others. 

And this blog post is a tribute to one of these pieces…one who turns 20 tonight… one who’s finally getting the recognition he needs to find his path…one who has begun to realize the unique glue which binds him to others and places him firmly within the puzzle. As we all complete a beautiful vision together. 


One more thing…the minute you find yourself judging a person and consider them as lacking in value, take a brief moment and stop and consider this: maybe YOU aren’t using the right measuring tape. Maybe YOUR vision is the one that’s skewed. And get some glasses for people’s sake. 




About Reine Azzi

An instructor who teaches so many different courses at university! Best way to remain passionately challenged! I'm also the licensee, curator, and host of TEDxLAU which adds so much excitement to my life!
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5 Responses to A skill every teacher should have!

  1. Dalea says:

    I read your post and I wanted to comment but I couldn’t log into my wordpress account. I think the academic institution stifles the creativity of students by implementing rules and giving boring materials to students. Students are like zombies in academia, they have no say in what kind of material, research paper etc.. they want to do. And professors don’t help either. There are so many HORRIBLE instructors out there. I really think that academic institutions need to come up with a way to OBSERVE how instructors teach and behave towards their students. I’ve always said this and I will say it again, “Not everyone with a Masters degree or a PHD is eligible to teach”. Some instructors are horrible at explaining materials, others are just bullies. One very important skill instructors need to have is PATIENCE. Some students struggle so much in a class because of how impatient an instructor is. I, myself, have been picked on by an instructor who made me life HELL even though I repeated his projects more than 3 times. I used to email him CONSTANTLY to ask him questions about the project and I’ve tried to get an appointment from him so he can help me out SEVERAL times. He gave me an appointment once to see him, and I went under the rain holding a huge project so he can help me out before the jury and when I got there, HE LEFT UNIVERSITY! He finished his class 20 minutes earlier and left. He never apologized and by the end of the semester I got into an argument with him and called him out on it. I know instructors have a lot to put up with with, believe me, I’ve tutored for years. But sometimes, students DO need your help, it doesn’t mean that they are bad students. It just means that the material is difficult for them to grasp. People have different cognitive abilities. I don’t grasp the material as fast or the way that you do and you don’t use the same words that I do.

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