A time for giving…

We recently attended a workshop on time matters given by Youssef Khoury, and if I were to comment on one major point it would be time ‘wasted’ vs. time ‘spent’.

What determines the difference?

Is playing a video game with a member of your family or the one you love time wasted? But it’s still a video game. Your time could have been better spent discussing more ‘intellectual’ matters, but it isn’t as clear-cut.

What matters is attitude.

Do you feel guilty?
Do you feel irritated?

Or are you happy to spend time with someone even if you’re just watching a movie together?

Either way, what I got out of the workshop is that if you schedule having fun as part of your daily diet, then you can have this fun and more. All in a day’s work!

So even Facebook can be time well-spent if you actively decide on making time for it 🙂

At this rate, all my time isn’t wasted!



About Reine Azzi

An instructor who teaches so many different courses at university! Best way to remain passionately challenged! I'm also the licensee, curator, and host of TEDxLAU which adds so much excitement to my life!
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